Common feeder names in other languages


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I've had a problem with feeder names in my native language Finnish. They are sometimes very different from their English counterparts so I decided to compile a list of common feeder names in Finnish.

My idea is that everyone can comment in this thread some common chameleon terminology in different languages. That way we make the life of other chameleon enthusiasts around the world easier.

I don't know if there are any other Finnish people here but still here's my list:
Dubia roach = argentiinan torakka
Mealworm = jauhomato
Locust = lokusti
Cricket = kenttäsirkka
Silkworm = silkki-/mulperiperhosen toukka

Feel free to comment lists in your own languages and I'll add more to mine as I do more research!
Here are some more!

Mantid = mantis
Stick insect = kummitussirkka
Helix aspersa = sagriinikotilo

These are really hard to translate...
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