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Can anyone advise on what sort of age I would expect veiled chameleon to have developed its full colouring. There’s a bit of conflict on if he/she so hoping will tell for sure some time soon! It looks like there is some stripes starting to develop on sides
Veileds are sexed by the tarsal Spurs on the back legs


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Takes about a year for the colors to be fully developed I’ve read. Can we get some pictures of his/her back feet? If it is a male they will have little nubs like this on the backs of their feet. A0C9F900-1AE4-4555-B0BE-30BF24DB71D7.jpeg


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This is where the debate has been spurs are tiny! Breeder I got from says male still. I believe I may have seen hemipenes on a bowel movement too the other day! Thanks for looking
I’m not experienced with sexing but from the pictures I’d say you have a male.


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Most likely a male from the spurs. As mentioned before, full adult colors could be seen around 10 months to 1 year. Soon you'll begin seeing more of the patterns coming out, then go through a muddy color stage of browns and subdued colors, then gradually more bright colors popping through with each shed.


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to me it kinda looks like a female. the little extra finger look extremely small aswell as the crest. for my female i didn’t see colors out of her until she was gravid so about 6-9 months. even at that if it is a female you aren’t gonna see too many colors besides some nice greens yellows and some blue

( one of the pics were outside so she was pissy lol )



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It’s so hard to tell isn’t it! I’m so worried turns out to be female and I’m not prepared for a girl!


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It’s so hard to tell isn’t it! I’m so worried turns out to be female and I’m not prepared for a girl!
I will bet $20 on it that it's female. Besides the real lack of "spurs" the casque and even her head shape scream female. You can also tell by her coloring. Males her age would already be showing some adult patterning. Also males have more spikes on their gullard and dorsal. Feel free to count my males. My male showed adult stripes at the age of 3 months. Although every chameleons coloring and patterns will show up at different times for different reasons.
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