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Hi everyone, I picked up my new chameleon yesterday, Gomez. He's 4 months old and has already shed his skin, the thing is he's a dark colour most of the time dark brown, does this mean he's stressed? He's eating ok. I fed him cricets with calcium dust on them. Can anyone please help I'm starting to worry:confused: . Thanks
What species is he?
Alot of veileds have alot of brown to them. I would not worry if this is the case. While it is true that colors can kind of tell you their mood I would not read into it to much for awhile. My male has about ten different distinct color patterns. Once you are around them more you can make some pretty good guess as to what they mean but reading these correctly takes some experience. Guessing is all you can really do with most of these patterns because your chameleon is not going to tell you whether you are right or not. I have based my assumtions on the variables in the cage and with reactions toward me.
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