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I was wondering when the colors and patterns are going to come in on my baby veiled?
around what age do they come in?
i would say she is about 4-5 mounths now
also can i get a pics of a reguler colored veiled not sunburst or anything like that
thanx!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Female veileds don't generally develop strong colors and patterns, usually just shades of green mottled with shades of tan, orange, white, and sometimes yellow.
Of course there will be varying degrees of light/bright/darkening and addtional coloration when she sleeps, becomes gravid, is receptive to breeding and is irritated or feels threatened.
You can probably see plenty of Veiled pics in the Members Gallery here.
Are you sure it's a female? Does it have a tarsal spur on the middle of it's back feet. If that doesn't make sense, Email me and I'll email you a photo showing what I'm talking about. 4-5 months as long as it's not a runt you should definitley start to see colors coming in.
I have about a 5 month old Male Veiled, and 5 month old Female. The male just started showing his patterns of orange stripes on his tail, his eyes, casque, and some spots on his body on a regular basis. Also has different shades of green, and some yellow. My Female on the other hand, only shows dark green spots when stressed and is regulary light green, with a little bit of yellowish spots when normal...
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