Color Fears in a cham?


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So earlier today i went out and bought the fake black vine to add in my chameleons home and when i put it in she looked at it, hissed, and leaked backward. Luckily i was close enough to catch her.

Shortly after I offered her crickets from the black cricket cage holder and she puffed up again. Is it possible that she has like a phobia of specific colors? She’s done it before with my old spray bottle that had a black tip.


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I got my nails done and the tips are black.. My cham does NOT like them! I'm going to change them to green :D but for now i try to put my hands in his cage palm up if i have to. Its a little funny haha


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I had this green plushie and when my cham saw it the first time he got super mad :D also I think he hates my pink hair.
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