color changing??


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this may be a silly question but i'm still new here so here goes. i've only had my veiled cham for a few wks. so he is still just the regular green color. i get him out about every day for a little bit to try and get him use to me. well today when i got him out he changed color a bit, with stripes and all like i see pictures of when they are a lot older?? is this normal? he is back to his original color now.
Color changes are normal. They are chameleons after all :) Biggest things to watch out for are darker colors which are typical in stressful situations (which could've been why your Cham showed stripes) however, they also show dark colors while basking which is them absorbing heat. As they get older, they become more territorial and usually don't want to be handled. What I did with my Cham was associate my hand with food. He knows when we go up to the cage he's either getting fed, going on his free range, or going outside. All fun things for him. It takes lots of time and patience but once they realize your hand won't hurt them, they tend to become more friendly (not always though, there are the ones that hiss and puff up and want nothing to do with us) Best of luck with your Cham :)
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