collecting up newborns


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For those of you with Jacksons: how and whend do you catch up the new babies? Do you use a bare enclosure for the mother in anticipation of having to collect newborns?
i dont own a jackson but iv read on that this guy had a female jackson give birth and she had 9 and he woke up the next day and found 3 alive and none of the others to be found so i wouldnt go with the bare cage
Hi Tiki,

I think that's a good idea -- to have a place to put the female while you're collecting the babies. I took mine out of the cage right away.


I usually take the babies out and place them in their enclosure as soon as they dry off. The mom can eat them if left to long.
I'm sure shed much rather have silkworms that you put into the cage at the time you think shes giving birth. In aticipation that after she gives birth, shell want to eat the nearest thing to her normal food, shed most likely pick the worm.
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