clues to w/c age, is he sick or slowing down?


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I have a male quad that I have had since Sept 2010, I got him as a full adult. At this point he doesn't want to eat over 1 food item every 2 or 3 days, he will only drink if I stand there and hand mist him. He will not drink from his mistking, twice a day at 10 minutes each, nor from his dripper.

He seems to have nothing wrong with him that I can find. He has dropped weight from 107g to 101g, I know 101 is good for a male quad, but he is dropping weight. He has a large free range, and a couple of months ago he was all over it. Now he does not range as far or as fast.

I am a mess, I love Lenny to bits.
I don't think you have received any feedback,, because YOU are the one WE come to for help :cool: you may just have to change his name to "old man" ;)
you have had him a long time , and as you said, he came to you beat up, and an adult - kinda like Olive, I think she is also way older than first thought to be...
tell him he is gonna be a Daddy soon, maybe that will get him going :rolleyes: :) ( I am SOOOOOO excited to see your babies !!! )

I wish I could return the favor of help you have given me and others, but I just don't know what you know ~ this is a great subject tho to bring up, I am sure there are many "senior " chams on here
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