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Hi, I was just letting my Cham bask out side on a tree that I bought him and he closed his eyes. When I shook the leaf he opened his eyes right away and started to move around immediately is that because he was relaxing?


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Where I live the sun is getting low in the sky and it’s 7 pm. My guy has found his branch and gone to sleep. If it’s still afternoon where you are he shouldn’t be sleeping.


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I had taken him out for the firs time this summer when he started to do it when the sun was beginning to set. Now he is in his cage and has one eye open and looking around but the other is closed.


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Was he in direct sunlight? If so that could be why. If not watch him next time you take him out in daylight hours, if he keeps shutting eyes out in daylight hours it could be an internal medical issue or a vitamin A deficiency. Now I'm not saying anything is wrong with your cham just laying it out there. So just take him out for the next couple days in daylight hours. I'd do it around noon and just watch and see if he closes his eyes and leaves them closed for a long time. If so then it's time to see a vet
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