US Closed: Dubia Roach Colony & Setup For Sale - Located in NJ


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My colony is flourishing and my cham stopped eating them so I need to unload some for cheap. I have all sizes. Located in NJ, can send through mail or meet.

Edit: Looking to sell everything, see this post
Edit: Decided to keep this colony
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Finally got around to opening up my colony, first time in probably 4 months. Unfortunately my chameleon will no longer eat dubia roaches so I am looking to do away with the entire colony and sell everything. I took out all of the adult males to reduce/stop further breeding, temporarily at least. I started this colony back in November with 10 males, 30 females, and 50 or so nymphs. I am located in central NJ, near the coast -- not willing to ship but I'll meet half way.

Raised on dubia chow (see image for ingredients), oranges, carrots, greens, apples. Some Repashy Bug Burger on occasion.

What you get:
1. Estimated 1,000 dubia roaches in total - This is a guess, there could be way more, but I'm sure there are at least 1,000.
- Adult males ~100
- Adult females ~ 250-300
- Sub-adult, juveniles and babies - I have no idea, but a lot. The below picture doesn't do it justice, there are plenty under the 1" or so of frass.
2. Fully setup colony bin with screen air vents up top, heat pad, thermostat, egg crates, food bowls (1 for water crystals, 1 for roach chow), remaining dubia roach chow I have left over. This is a plug-n-play setup.

IMG_20190629_122714.jpg IMG_20190629_123103.jpg IMG_20190629_132149.jpg
IMG_20190629_132323.jpgIMG_20190629_132126.jpgIMG_20190629_132218.jpgIMG_20190629_132108 (1).jpg
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