Clorox Anywhere Spray

ChameleonsTree said:
Has anyone heard if that new spray is safe for cleaning cages
Here is a few reviews on the product. Take note that it contains Bleach.

Personally, I find it sketchy that it says to use on baby pacifiers, but you do not need to wipe off after. It also says do not digest. Well... how do you wash a pacifier and not have the baby come in contact with it?
It's perfectly safe, in almost any situation. You can actually drink the stuff wiht no ill effects.

It works great, too.

It is nothing but ultra diluted-bleach. Ingenious marketing by clorox - make a product that is entirely safe and extremely effective, and sell it for a competitive price. Funy thing, is it's nothing but bleach and water - you can buy regular clorox for less than this stuff, and dilute it yourself. I.pdf

It's been in use by day cares for decades, and is hundreds(almost) of times less expensive than clorox anywhere. Someone at clorox just figured they should pre-dilute it, stabilize the clorine, and reap huge profits. Great idea.
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