Clint and Mia - 3.5 mo CBB Blue Bar Ambilobe available

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Blue Bar Ambilobe

Pure Blue Bar ambilobe offspring from Clint and Mia are available! This pairing has produced some of the most colorful captive bred and born offspring available. The sire is an amazing blue bar ambilobe who's vibrant reds and yellows are just unreal in person.

The female’s genetics are the perfect compliment to the sire. Coming from a proven blue bar line in Hoduken(Grandsire) and Simba (Sire) resulting in males that are begining to display premium hold back qualities.

My location allows these young chameleons to benefit from natural sunlight just about all year. Add proven Blue Bar genetics to your blood lines with a male or female from Clint and Mia!

Email me with any questions you may have at: [email protected]
Price: Males: $275 Females:$200

Shipping: $45 Overnight Guaranteed by 10:30am

1. Dam's Grandsire(hoduken)
2. Dam's Sire (Simba)
3. Sibling
4. Sire (Clint)
5. Available male - 3.5 months old - blue bars already coming through!


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I have one male left from this very impressive line. Pic 1 is the available male and pic 2 is an older sibling. Every single male from this clutch has displayed standout blue bars with intense reds on face and body.

Females carry genetics that should produce nothing short of intense coloration.
Reducing price on the girls to get them moving out, some are approaching adult size.

Females reduced to : $140 plus shipping.


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