Climbs down free range :confused:

So I setup a ugly little free range for my cham but apparently it's not exciting enough for him. He always trys to climb down from the free range and get to the screen that encloses my patio_Once he's on the screen he heads for one of the concrete walls next to the screen and even though he cant climb them he tries his best and one time managed to cling to it but couldnt go anywhere from there. So I'm becoming worried that he's going to fall/hurt himself from doing this.
Has anyone ever experienced this and found a way to keep their cham on the free range? I thought maybe its too low to the ground (even though its a hibiscus tree on top of a table) So I made it level with the top of the screen and he still tried to climb down. Any ideas will be appreciated!
I've been FRing my cham for over two years. For about the first year-and-a-half he explored the ENTIRE downstairs routinely. It's only been the past 6 months that he's been consistently staying on his FR. I think a lot depends on your cham's personality. Just make sure you have cham-proofed everything to keep him safe.

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