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Hello, I have a few questions. First off, is it bad for your chams to hang upside down on the top screen for a long time? We have a couple baby jacksons chameleons, and they all sit up there, occasionally climbing down. They also sometimes sleep all night upside down. I would like to know if it is harmful in any way, we can't do much about it right now but they seem to be fine. Thanks!


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I suppose iut could be harmful if the basking light is too close to where it would burn thier underside. My Veiled and my Panther both screen climb but dont stay there too long. Are they trying to get close to the light? MAybe check the temps and make sure they are warm enough in their basking spots (high up vines). I am not familiar with Jackson's basking temp requirements.


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As long as they are not under the basking light as stated, they are fine. Babies and young seem to like to hang upside down for whatever reason and yes they will sleep that way too. There is no harm in this that I am aware of.
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