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Do y'all just take your trees and stuff out of the cage and wash them and put them back? I saw a few places, to put paper towels down on the bottom of the cage but if they spend all their time up in the branches, it must be that the planted stuff gets soiled sometimes?
Yea pretty much, take out the poo when you can and the dead feeders if you see any. So that's daily. The plants and the cage you clean all of it once a week (thats how much I clean mine mainly because he's a baby in a tank and bacteria can grow like crazy in it).
A good cage cleaning probably needs to happen once a month or so.
That would involve disassembling the environment and doing exactly what you said. The rest of the time I just scout out fecal matter and clean it daily.
It's pretty easy, they tend to designate a specific place for a bathroom and mine even does it about the same time everyday. Once you figure out where the "facilities" are you can be pretty certain to find the evidence around that spot nearly every time.

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