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today i started packing away my chameleon stuff since thalamus passed and im going to wait to get another chameleon once i move into my own place. what a sad day!!!! ill have so much space in my room now :(

anyways, i want to clean out my mistking system before i store it so it only needs a flushing when i set it up for next time. what would you guys suggest? would a very diluted bleach solution do the trick? also is there a way i can take the batteries out of the seconds timer so they dont drain out? i read that they are rechargable so would they come back to life when i plug it in again? i didnt see any information on the mistking site about this. any help would be appreciated!
So sorry to hear of Thalamus' passing.

I would email Marty at Mistking to see what he recommends regarding the cleaning and the batteries.
I don't know if it is a good idea or a bad one (for the pump), but white vinegar dissolves mineral deposits.
I have soaked my misting heads in it after they have gotten clogged by the minerals in my local water.
Depending on how long you've used the sytem, you might want to just discard the tubing you have and order new tubing when you're ready to get another cham.
Batteries are rechargable and nothing needs to be done. When they loose charge, next time remember to charge the timer for about 2 hrs before using it. Nothing really, needs to be done. If you want, you can run a vinegar solution through the misting system, it will clean things out and disinfect at the same time, Take it apart and wipe it. Leave it in a card board box and you're good.
thanks alot!! i only have been using it for 6 months so the tubing is still good. plus i have alot of leftovers from when i first purchased it.
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