Cleaning Giant Green Banana Roaches


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So my Giant Green Banana Roach enclosure needs to be cleaned, it got invaded by ants and I need to clean it to save the roaches.The issue is, I have alot of adults and I'm not quite sure how to go about transferring them safely? Any thoughts?


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Personally id just let the ants die off. Greenies should live in a compost heap with some air circulation and a good cleaning crew of a few bug types. You should never have to clean them.

Anyways the only way i know of to not have a prison break is to get the tub down to 50-60 degrees so they cant fly and they just move slowly and fall off of things.


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No clue, i know mine survived a grain mite infestation just fine, and those are known to kill off both cricket and meal worm populations.

Facts are you know those ants cant breed, so once the supply of ants are cut off they will only survive a couple of weeks tops.


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My solution for ants is to spray the shelving our tubs sit on with ridx (bedbug spray from walmart). I spray them twice a year as this spray also kills and controls dust mites (keeps my meal worms clean from these pests- the mites can't go from tub to tub). But this spray also kills ants and roaches (spray the shelves and wait a while before returning your tub so any spray lingering in the air doesn't drop into your tub).

This spray, by the way, is also safe for lizards. I mean I don't think I would use it on surfaces chameleons drink from, but I do use it on the floor of cages when I have ants making a line in and out when the cages are outdoors.

And as for ants not reproducing- this past year I suddenly have some kind of horrible little piss ant that does exactly that- they don't seem to need or require a permanent nest. They make a little clump of ants and carry their eggs around everwhere. This climb of eggs and ants can be in any tight space- even in the corner of aluminum caging. They have become a huge irritation for me.
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