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To those of you who build your own custom enclosures with fixed items inside that can't be moved around... How do you manage to keep it clean?

I'm about to build my own and want to be sure to plan well. Let me know if you have any pointers on what to/not to do.

I'm going to be repurposing a piece of furniture. I attached a photo below. I'll be cutting windows into the sides and placing screen. Lighting will be attached to the ceiling inside, but there will be a screen barrier to keep cham from getting too close. Drawer will be used for water drainage. Underneath used for storage and misting system reservoir. Shelves will, of course, be taken out.

I'll be using Seal Once Exotic (safe) wood sealer inside. It's used for waterproofing wooden porches & outdoor furniture, but the company realized some people wanted to use it for reptile terrariums and made one that's supposed to be non-toxic and stand up in enclosures. Apparently, they made one for aquariums too. But, I'm also considering using pond liner to line the inside of the enclosure and keep wood entirely covered. Thoughts?


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Go bioactive. For every item above the reach of your CuC you can have an extra MistKing hose in the viv with just a valve on the end. When it’s time to clean you can pretty much just hose the viv down by kicking on the mistking.

This is a plan for a 100% automated viv converted from an old display cabinet like yours.

Where did you get that huge drainage tray?

Your enclosure came out gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing.

Did you by chance get your cham from the Harmse family? Your guy looks just like mine. He's not the one pictured in my profile.
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