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I live in New Jersey and the cicadas are out in full buzz!!!! i have spots in the woods where they are flying around by the millions. I really want to let my 1 and half year old Panther Budweiser munch down on one of these huge bugs but i know it is not good to feed them wild insects. What do you guys think. Will the cicada harm him in any way, do they have any type of content that is harmful to a cham. I am not going to feed budweiser one unless i am 100% possitive it is ok for him to eat. THe area i will catch these bugs is pesticide free.
People eat cicadas and cicadas eat from tree's and plants, so all you have to worry about is potential parasites (not much of a problem if you do checks regularly) Possibly the cicada its self... I have tons in New Mexico they leave tons of their shells around and I'm not sure if chameleons could entirely digest that. I'm no expert but i do lurk a lot on these forums and since no one else answered I thought i would give you my 2 cents
I was kinda hoping they would fly over PA, OH and land in indiana. Right around terre haute would be good.
there are alot in west orange thats where i got mine. One is dead and the other is dying i want to get a healthy one to feed him
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