Chow molded?

Hey guys I went away for a day and came back to my silkworm chow infested with mold! I quickly took the silks out of the pod, cut up some carrots and cut the little black mesh out and threw the carrots and screen into a tall plastic tupperware container then put the silks in there. Are these guys fine to feed off still.. while they're alive? I'm assuming the mold will have killed them by tomorrow anyway though. Anyone know?
I wouldn't

I have read that feeding chams feeders which have eaten moldy foody can cause serious health problems--even if the feeder is not affected by the mold.

If you can harvest some mulberry leaves from a nearby tree and feed the silkworms that for a few days, then they should be OK to use.
Okay thank you guys, I was going to feed him one of those silks but decided it'd probably be better to ask the forums before I do. Not too sure what I'm going to do with them now. I guess I'll see if I can get some eggs out of them If I can keep them alive.
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