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ok i have 3 ooths and i have had one in warmer temp while the other two in a container with holes in it in the refrigerater. my question is how long am i able to leave them in the refrigerater if i do not need them to hatch because i will have way to many...the place were i ordered them said i could only refrige them for a week...not sure if thats the longest i can leave them in their or not...each ooth will contain 50 to 200 baby mantids and all 3 hatching at the same time will be way to many. :eek:.can anyone help me on this please...any info required is good info to me..please help thanks......:confused:

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They can be stored for months, that is what the wholesalers do. Depending on your hatching temperature, allow 2-4 weeks for a hatch.

The line from top to bottom on one side of the ooth is where they hatch out, have that hanging down.

You probably have Chinese oohs, you will get about 300 per ooth.
Fruit flies must be ready, and you will need LOTS.:D

Unless you are feeding the freshly hatched nymphs to lots of baby chams, and you want to raise them up to adult, you will need to separate them into 32 ounce insect cups, and feed them larger prey like crickets, blue bottle flies. and house flies.


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ok yes thank you so much that was my main question long i could store them in the cold as representing winter....great info if i dont have food ready they will turn on each other and eat one another canableism...any more advice is very much appreciated
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