On the Flchams safe plant list they have chickweed listed, but I have found some contradictory information. It’s apparently toxic to all animals but usually only a problem when eaten in excess quantity. However, it seems cold blooded animals are particularly at risk. One account says the plant used to be thrown in streams to kill all of the fish so that hunters could easily harvest them. Does anyone here use chickweed or know whether or not it actually is toxic?

Klyde O'Scope

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  1. There's chickweed (Stellaria media), and then there's chickweed.
  2. Some sites just copy lists (or entries) from other sites without any verification of safety or toxicity.
  3. If I'm spending this much on a lizard, why take chances on something with contradictory information, when there are so many known safe plants to choose from?
These are just my own thoughts & opinions. YMMV.
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