Checklist for Panther Chameleon?


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[/B]yo check out this cart from lllreptile and tell me if it looks good, getting male panther and made sure I got a variety of lighting to try. Im going to get a ficus and some other plants , I already have clamplight fixture.

24 x 24 x 48 inch Aluminum Screen Cage *1
Zoo Med Habba Mist Auto Mist System *1
Exo Terra Jungle Vine Large *1
Exo Terra Jungle Vine Small *4
Exo Terra Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer Combo *1
Zoo Med 18" Repti Sun 5.0 UVB bulb *2
24" fluorescent hood fixture *1
Medium sandblasted grapewood *1
Exo Terra 50 watt Sun Glo Basking Spot Light *2
Zoo Med 10" Clamp Lamp Safety Cover *1
Exo Terra 18" Repti Glo 5.0 UVB Bulb *1
Zoo Med 75 watt Halogen Heat Bulb *1

TOTAL $340 (w/shipping)

What im really interested about is correct light, if u make any suggestions please check whether or not they sell it on LLLReptile
You have a better checklist? Please send it! :)
I dont understand why you need all those lights. You will do perfectly fine with the reptisun and a house bulb. And if you want, a grow light for the plants. If you wanna do that, get a double linear fixture and get the grow light from walmart. I decided I wanted a grow light after I got the single fixture so I had to buy a separate light w/ fixture, but walmart had those for $10. I'd just prefer less stuff on top of my cage.
Edit: Also, I skipped out on the misting system and made a rain system for cheaper. Copied this guy...
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