Check out the colors at 3 months

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So I got a pretty good body picture of Nimh all settled in for bed. Lots of different colors showing on him.


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I really hope the yellow comes out on him. He is a son of Noki so fingers are crossed that he has the yellow like Noki. If you can't tell, it is my favorite color.
He's so cute David! Keep up the good work. This is when they start to explode with color every day. :)
I have a male from this clutch too. Our little dood is starting to show greens and some rust coloration on his tail.


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So I wanted to get a shot similar to what you posted above to compare. He looks very similar to your guy usually. This time he was tired and a little pissy.


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Edgecrusher, he is a good looking guy as well. Him being pissy is a great shot as well. My guy has not puffed up at all yet which I am thankful for. The only thing is my guy does not want to come near us. He kid of hides himself when we open the cage to put his crickets in. I try every 3 days to hand feed him and he wants no part of it yet. I am going to keep trying though as I know that one day he will take it and start to trust us more. I would like to take him out of the cage so I can do a nice cleaning of it but I don't want to scare him.
i wish i actually got a noki baby and didnt back out :( ... i want to be part of a family hahaha

Haha give it some more time. I am sure Sang and his chams will have their claws in you again. All of his breeders are amazing. Once I saw Komeleons, I just couldn't do without a little Noki boy.
i was in a deeep decision lol was exchanging texts and seeing pics but my decision ended up going to LLLreptile since i got store credit from my veiled that didnt make in all i ended up paying like 220 for BB and crickets and roaches... im happy with him but still wish he had some brothers and sisters lol
wow. so many noki babies all in one place. :) makes me so happy to see everyone's chams doing so well.

@matt...i won't have too many more noki babies left. noki's been retired so hurry up!
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