Check list!


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This is my list of things to get also suggestions would be great!
-t5HO or T8 linear uvb or should i do a Zoo Med 10.0?
-Plants and vines
-White light basking bulb
-Feeder cup
-wood i can put on his cage to hang out in
-Rainforest background to get him feeling at home
also is any substrate i can use friendly for my cham i put my food on the walls of cage so he won't substrate if there were any if it is small things like bsfl he eats from my hand
So is there any substrate i can use for him?


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You can make a cricket cup out of a sunny D bottle, glue, razor, and zip ties if you feel like saving a few bucks :)

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I made my food cup out of a small tupperware container, I drilled small holes in the bottom, then made a solid perch for it in tree branches, costs me $1.00
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