Cheapest fixture for a 34" reptisun 5.0 t5 HO bulb?


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Does anyone know of any fixture that would fit this bulb thats maby not aquarium or reptile specific? trying to save a few bucks :D


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One of the problems you are going to have is that a 3' fixture is almost exclusively specific to the aquarium or reptile industry.

There are a ton of great fixtures that can be had at a great price in either 2' or 4', but 3' is just not widely used outside of our hobby, or at least a very narrow use as compared to the general production of the other two.


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Agreed. The other problem with non-specific fixtures is cheap ballasts that fail under the load of "our" bulbs. After trying to use various cheaper "shop light" fixtures I finally stuck with aquarium hoods. They lasted a lot longer and were repairable.
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