US CHEAP Dubias roaches BY POUND



So my dubia roaches are doing so well I need to give some up. I am basically giving them away to pay the food they consume. They eat 2 bananas a night and 1 pound of roach chow a week!!!
So I decided to sell them by pound, which is just super cheap

I am doing half price compare to the common online price.

10$ plus shipping for 50 non sexed sub adult (the stage before adult) and adult

20 dollars plus shipping for a starting colony of 40 big females and 10 males

30$ plus shipping FOR 1 POUND of various size roaches

For 2 pounds or more the shipping is free!

I can also send smaller sizes but it will be a bit more expensive as I will have to sort the roaches and it is a pain when they are small.

All of the roaches you will receive will be very healthy. I am in Raleigh NC so if you want to save the shipping you are welcome to come to pick them up!

Thank you!


That’s all folks!

Sorry for all the people who came too late I had a wave of last orders.
Everything is sold out but no worries, I kept a lots of very good breeders and the new breeding box is already cover with babies.
They will be back in the spring!


Hi! Sorry didn't pay attention. I have a ton of small but the price was for one pound of subadults and adult mixed up. This will be way more expensive if you would like a pound of small selected as it is a huge number of roaches at that age.
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