Changing Colors...


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The past couple of weeks I've noticed Lola showing some strange colors that she doesn't normally show, and even stranger, it's only when she sits on one specific branch on her plant. I switched the plant in her cage but it's the same type of plant that was in there before, so it shouldn't make any difference, but that's when I started noticing this strange behavior. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? She turns almost a sickly looking brown color, but as soon as she's off that branch she goes back to her normal color. I'll try and get a picture next time I see it happen.
lets the branch right below a heat lamp? If it is... Lola might be just trying to heat up thats why she turn darker color to absorb more heat. There is another version, she might be coming of breeding age and started to show some receptive coloration. But, first i need to know the age and if she is showing stripes of yellow and blue?
I don't see any blue or yellow, she just turns a really wierd brown color, other than that she's just green. I actually don't know how old she is, she was a gift and the person that gave her to me had none of her information. I'm guessing probably about a year or so, I don't think she could be much older than that.
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