Change Heat Bulb Watts in the Summer?

Hi everyone! So far things have been going well. This week has been the first week where temperatures reached around 70-78° where I live. (Normally it’s 40-50°). It was nice and I got to take my little man Yoshi (male panther 9months) outside to be in the sun 🙂

I notice that his hot spot however has been much warmer than before. This week after about 12-1pm his spot gets to 90° when before it was difficult to get it up at 83°. To stop this I raised his lamp on some eggcrate. I use a 100W light (on the bulb it reads 74W).

Has this happened to anyone who lives somewhere with seasonal climates?

I’ll probably reduce the wattage of his heat lamp to stop this. Just wondering if anyone else has a summer heat lamp and a winter one.

Klyde O'Scope

Chameleon Enthusiast
Probably. My house stays the same temp year round even though the seasons change.
Some indubitably have different tolerances, so different wattage, different distances, different angles, or a dimmer.

You can check your temps against seasonal temps in Madagascar. You can fine tune if you know Yoshi's locale.
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