Chams space in the wild..


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I was just sitting here looking at Murdoch in his new cage and saying how much more calm he seems. He doesn't hiss as much when I put my hands in there now. And I was thinking that maybe he was a little too stressed out in the medium reptibreeze he just moved from. Which got me thinking 1. Is this cage even big enough for him and 2. How much room do they actually cover in the wild.

Anyone have any idea on just how much they might move around in the wild? Do they confine themselves to one tree or just certain parameters.
They move around quite a bit because they have to find mates and insects to feed on.
I'm glad you have noticed the importance of space. Yes a chameleon and completely change his attitude defendant on his space. They can also change a lot depending on how the enclosures arranged. I put my veiled in a 29X29X72 and he was already an abnormally kind veiled and now he's so docile it's crazy. He is much more active too because he has the space. This is why free ranging is so important. However I have to work long days like most everybody so a large enclosure is great because I don't have to stress about him feeling cooped up while I have to work. I also love to throw a handful of crickets in and give him all day to hunt. He goes nuts with excitement races around the cage for them!
Yeah. I do think he needs a few more things in his cage. Been looking for more colorful safe plants. I added a wandering jew and like that. Have to hit up a nursery that has more selection.
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