chams rubbing their eyes


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i got some branches/sticks from the forest near by, i'm just wondering if anyone thinks the little bits sticking out the sides of them will pose a problem with my cham rubbing his eyes on them and getting hurt. should i keep them or try and remove them? thanks in advance for any help. pictures are below.



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Me personally I would remove the little nubs. You can just use a pruner and snap them off. They will probably be ok but you never know and what leave something that could pose as a potential hazard.

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What should determine if you take them off or leave them on, is how sturdy they are. If they wont support the weight of the animal, they should be removed. Or if you dont like them there for whatever reason, like if they make them hard to fit or something. ;)


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I agree with taking them off. We have one of those fake vines from petsmart and every once in a while I will see mine rubbing his eyes on it. I would hate for your little guy to hurt himself.


Not to go against the general consensus, but I think they would be fine. They climb all over trees with little branches sticking out when in the wild. I see no ill effects from them myself. These little guys have been surviving in much worse conditions for millions of years they are fragile but not that fragile.
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