Chameleons Under Threat: Conservation and Actions

Niels Pedersen

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Chameleons are an fascinating and iconic group of reptiles, but unfortunately they appear to be under a disproportionately large level of threat with extinction. While an alarming 26% of reptiles species globally are estimated to be threatened or near threatened with extinction, an astounding 63% of chameleon species that have been assessed fall into this category! The IUCN Chameleon Specialist Group needs your help to finish assessing the conservation status of the worlds chameleons so we can determine what factors are contributing to their status and begin to develop recommendations for their conservation!

Click here to learn more about this initiative and to donate to help us finish evaluating the conservation status of the family and create the foundation for all future chameleon conservation action and monitoring!

Click here to read more about the IUCN chameleon specialist group.

Also, vist the facebook group here.

Last but not least, read more on the IUCN redlist here.
Thanks, we all need to be reminded often of the crisis our chams face. I hope we all can help to save our chams for going extinct. That is why working toward large captive breeding groups in so important.
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