Chameleons! Online E-zine released

Don't forget to click "Contact" and sign up for the mailing list that notifies you when the new issues are released. This issue is an interesting one. A lot of important topics covered- some that seem to be a change in pace compared to the previous few.
Thanks Jason...

Glad to see the article on "saving a chameleon." We have all been there - leaving a pet store or show wishing we could have saved they poor cham, or worse...we bought it and think we did.

Look forward to reading it all as usual ;)

Big thanks to the team at Chameleon News. Your work is greatly appreciated and the resource you have created is invaluable. Looking forward to reading the new issue this evening. Beautiful cover photo!

Chris: congrats on graduating this month :)
Thanks guys. I graduate from Cornell at the end of the month and will be spending the next year "off" but I'll be attempting to do some more of that infrasound research while I apply to graduate programs for the following year. Not sure where yet but it will likely be in a Conservation Biology or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology program.

Hope you guys enjoy the issue!

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