Chameleons ears!!!

They generally "hear" low frequncey vibrations.

Some species of chameleon even produce them, and they can seemingly interact even when not in presence of each other. Almost like telepathy.
chameleons generally hear really low frequency noises, somewhere around 200hz. veiled chameleons use vibrations to warn other chameleons on the same tree. it scares the crap out of you the first time they do it when theyre on ur hand
Veileds are not the only chameleons that vibrate or communicate by vibrations. Here's a partial list of others that vibrate....
" * B. decaryi (E. Edwards)
* B. thieli (E. Edwards; L. Horgan)
* C. dilepis (K. Barnett)
* C. Johnstoni (F. LeBerre)
* C. melleri (A. Banks)
* C. Oweni (F. LeBerre)
* C. senegalensis (K. Barnett)
* F. ousteleti (multiple ADCHAM list members)
* F. pardalis (multiple ADCHAM list members)
* R. brachyurus (J. Mease)
* R. brevicaudatus (J. Mease)
* R. kerstenii robecchii (E. Edwards; J. Mease)
* R. uluguruensis (J. Mease)"

Here's the site with the veileds "hooting"...

A little more information...
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