Chameleons and Noise


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So I am thinking about getting a Veiled Chameleon and I am still doing research on them. The only problem preventing that is the noise level in our home. We have a dog that barks a lot when we're away and we have 5 very noisy lovebirds that stay in my room. I was wondering will all this noise stress my chameleon? My chameleon was going to stay in my room where the birds and the dog's cage are.
I would also be concerned by the amount of activity in the room contributing to the stress level. In my opinion, I would think it to be best to place the chameleon in a quieter, less busy room. Hope this is helpful.
That' really good to know. So basically, when I have to go and vacuum the rooms, it really won't be a problem?
That' really good to know. So basically, when I have to go and vacuum the rooms, it really won't be a problem?

Not at all! Keep enough chams and you will spend lots of great time vacuuming up bugs!
"The results indicated poor sensitivity in comparison with lizards in general, yet the performance was not far below that found in many species with conventional sound-conducting systems"...

"Chameleons have very limited hearing, tuning in to frequencies between 200 and 600 Hz"...

Here are some sites with information...

"The usual type of round window is absent, but there is a tortuous pathway leading from the scala tympani through the perilymphatic recess and then along the foramen of the glossopharyngeal nerve to the air cavity of the middle ear.
This pathway makes possible a mobilization of the cochlear fluids in response to sound pressures exerted at the oval window by the columellar footplate"...
"There is some evidence that some (or possibly all) true chameleons produce very low-wave sounds that may be used to communicate."

Then again...all chameleon ears are not created equal....
"In C. höhnelii and C. jacksoni this anterior process is lacking, and the pterygoid plate cannot function as a sound receptive surface."...
"The chameleons, of those species studied thus far, have only a few sensory hair cells (40 to 50) in the auditory papilla."
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Dog's 'cage'?

Yeah Jo, haven't you heard of those really tiny dogs that you build a cage for and just keep them in there. You can only cohabitate up to three though otherwise they become territorial. Haha jk jk
I think he means kennel... :D
Just curious. :D


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Even though Chameleons cant hear that well, or at all. Dont tell the kids that!

I told my kids that being too loud could disturb him, stress him out and in turn send him to heaven. Theyve never been so quiet...its awesome.
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