Chameleon Won't EAT


I have a friend on the forums that recently joined. He just got a baby veiled chameleon and has had it for about 2 days. From the PMs he gave me he keeps it in an outdoor Reptarium in Miami. He has been trying to get it to eat crickets. Why isn't the little cham eating?


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the stress of moving for chameleons is massive and they have a lot of new things to take in. 2 days isn't to concerning he need to get used to it. my female didn't eat for a week when I got her. just give them time


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I would have to agree that the stress of travel could be the issue here. I just received my first cham. this past week on Tuesday and he did not eat the first 24 hours. After he settled in (we left him alone in his new home) he was quick to hunt and take from our hand.


my chams travelled 24 hours from usa to the philippines with no food and water... they are sub adults when they got here they ate immediately but funny now my male chameleon seemed to stop eating after 2 days of eating... yesterday it ate nothing hoping it will eat today i took it out for some sun a while ago maybe left it sunbathing for almost an hour... seemed to enjoy the basking...


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I had to use Zilla's Jumpstart (appetite stimulant/caloric supplement) on my baby cham because she wouldn't eat and wasn't doing too well. It worked for me to get her on crickets (where I bought her from they'd only been feeding her mealworms - WHAT.).
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