Chameleon won't eat! Help!


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I just bought this verrucosus chameleon four days ago. I haven't really seen him eat but have noticed a few crickets were gone a couple days ago. He constantly stays under the UVB light. What is wrongs is he not getting enough heat ? Please help! Thanks


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I'm not a pro but! There are lots of details that you're leaving out. You asked if it's to cold, well what are the temps in his house? On a side note, I noticed you said that you noticed a few crickets were gone the other day. You should only feed him what he'll eat in a day as crickets can tend to munch on the poor little dude while he's sleeping and that's not cool. But for this question, you really want to include a ton more info so that the pros can help you, general vague info won't do it.. However :) on my guess, if you just got him he may be stressed, leave him alone for awhile and just put a few crickets in his house daily, like 5? 10? and try to leave him alone to acclimate to his new house. Please feel free to correct me or add more, ''pros'' :)
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