US Chameleon Wanted in Broward county south Florida


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Male Veiled or Jackson Chameleons wanted.

I've had an empty screen enclosure for about 2 years.
Last week my elderly male Veiled (that a fellow member gifted me a few years ago) finally passed on.
So now I have 2 planted, lit, Mist King nozzled and ready to go cages that are empty. And I want at least one new Chameleon.
Possibly two.
These huge cages are indoors and are set up for a Veiled Chameleon. But I can also tweak them for a Jackson's. With a temperature drop at night.
(My current Chameleon is a 4 year old Jackson's)
I can drive a certain distance.
I am in Broward county. City of Sunrise. 33322.
I'm looking to purchase or adopt your unwanted Chameleon.
Please text me what you have and your general location.
I'm not interested unless you are local. In south Florida.
Thank you.
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