Chameleon vivarium (wire mesh) HELP

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by jaywolves90, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. jaywolves90

    jaywolves90 New Member

    Hi people :)

    I really need help. I am planning on getting a chameleon in a few weeks, I have made my own vivarium for it and i have covered the front of it in wire mesh.

    I couldnt find any of the really fine wire mesh so i was thinking about using metal wire mesh which can be used for bird aviarys from b and q. The holes are about 0.9cm by 0.9cms. I was wondering would this be ok for the chameleon?

    I wanted to make sure it would be alright before i actually did it.

    Its really bugging me, I thought as long as the chameleon wont get stuck in it it would be fine but i want to make sure.

    Hope someone can help
  2. RS4guy

    RS4guy New Member

    I would think that would fine for the Cham itself but remember the crickets or other live food may be able to escape!
  3. rcar77

    rcar77 New Member

    I have made a cage years back with 1/4 caging works ok. I used plastic critter cage to feed him to keep the crickets in somewhat. I perfer mesh just because i feed my chameleon flies.
  4. SS4Luck

    SS4Luck New Member

    you can find really fine metal windows screen type mesh if you look hard enough. you may wanna search online. How big is the viv you made?
  5. Jamelon

    Jamelon New Member

    Where do you live? because you should be able to get some window screen at your hardware store, I got alot of screen at home depot where i live for like 15$ which built a 4x3x2 cage with screen on the top sides and front. and i still have left over! lol so id suggest going to a hardware store and check there

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