Chameleon took a nibble at the moss vine ?


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Hello got a little dude by the of guacamole aka guac he took a nibble at the moss vine I just installed today wondering if it’s a bad thing only did it once and if I should look out for any signs of something going wrong and if so what could they be? Thank you



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They will nibble on everything. If its fake moss, thats bad, if its just dried you are fine. Same thing with fluffy/striggy fake plants, they will get nibbled. If fake, get BIG leaves of plastic or silk.


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Veileds munch on vegetation. Panthers nibble on bark on branches. Other species have been known to nibble too...and even if they don't nibble intentionally they can accidentally ingest the best idea is that everything in their cage is non toxic, well washed, real and such that it can pass through their digestive system and not cause a blockage.
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