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So I recently bought a juvenile male Panther Chameleon that's a few months old and have had him for three weeks so far. He has had horrible behavior and will turn black and try to lunge and bite me whenever I do anything simple like feed him or clean his cage. I've given him personal space ever since I got him and don't force anything on him but it seems like his behavior is never going to get better. I already knew chameleons typically aren't social and don't like being held but I know it's not normal for them to be so aggressive and malicious 24/7. He gets the right amount of food he needs and has an X-Large size enclosure with lots of vines and foliage so I know the problem isn't that he's stressed or else he would show stress symptoms in the cage. He only turns completely different when I open the cage door and he sees my hand. Does anyone have any personal experiences or recommendations that they can share that they think could help out?

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There are all sorts of generalities about reptiles' personalities & chameleons' colors, but in the end, they're all individuals, and the proverbial Gumpian Box of Chocolates.

When I got my beardie, he wasn't anything like the docile kings of chill hyped on YT. He was a little a-hole. But time & patience have mellowed him considerably. He still won't come to my hand, but he doesn't hiss, snap, gape, run away, or try to bite me anymore.

Take it slow (literally—fast movement seems to spook them) and be consistent. It takes time, moreso with some than others.


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There is a juvenile stage where many species of reptiles are either flighty or jerky many outgrow it once their hormones level off, some don't. Fingers crossed you have the former and not the later.
Klyde is right either way take it slow and move slowly.
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