Chameleon Taxonomy


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I was just browsing wikipedia and realized they are listing a classification I am unfamiliar with. In particular are the genera Nadzikambia and Kinyongia; the former looks like it has split from Bradypodion. Is this the most current and generally accepted classification?

wikipedia chameleon page - classification listed on the right

Yeah, that's the latest taxonomic divisions. Here is a link to the abstract on the paper that did it:

I was going to have an article on the split in this E-Zine issue (should be released in a day or so) but there are a couple other changes, updates and descriptions on the way I want to include and need to wait for those papers to be published. There were also a number of Calumma species described recently (I've also added those to the wikipedia entry).

Thank you for the replies. I look forward to learning more about the new classifications.
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