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Ol' Grumpypants came out on my hand today for his semi-weekly foray into the Missus' houseplants, but wouldn't let go of his perch (dowel) with his tail. There I am with my arm up in the air and him on it—trying to coax him to let go—and laughing so hard from the absurdity of the situation that I almost dropped him. :oops:

Switching hands, I tried uncurling his tail from the dowel (it was wrapped around 2-3 times) with my now-free hand. It's truly amazing how adept these guys are with these things—without even looking! 😮 When I finally got it loose, he began flailing it about wildly, searching for something else to grab onto (he usually just wraps it around my wrist).

When I put him on the nearest dracaena (as usual) he took off for parts unknown (to him)—no idea what he was thinking. He climbed the furthest nepenthes, and got himself into trouble at the top, with no place left to go. I rescued him with another dowel, and again had to deal with the tail with a mind of its own....

Now he's on more familiar turf flora while Missus tends his enclosure plants....

Klyde O'Scope

Chameleon Enthusiast
He must be in an exploration state of mind (i.e. lookin' fer nookie)(?) 🤷‍♂️

While I was called away for a few, he climbed down the rubber tree (instead of up) and got himself stranded on the window sill.

Do chameleons 'get' glass? I'm thinking he was probably trying to go out the window to what he could see beyond, but couldn't understand the 'invisible wall'.

To the rescue again... Flailing tail again... Up on the spider plant and the hanger above where he plays 'gargoyle.' He'll be good up there for hours.... 😁

Silly lizard.
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