Chameleon sleeping peacefully to end a long day.

Around 9am today I had gotten my amazing Ambilobe Panther Chameleon named Ranger and after a long day of tweaking his cage set ups, and making sure he was fed and relaxed, and stress free I had found him curled up sleeping, right after I had turned the lights off for him.

He couldn't look any more peaceful. :)

My question is that he has been spending a lot of his time near the bottom of his cage, and he is currently sleeping on the lowest vine in the cage. Is that a natural occurrence with new arrivals? Is it because the temperature up top is a lot warmer than it should be?

When should I expect for him to travel to the top of the cage soon?

Ranger and I thank you in advance.
That's a very good sign that he went right to sleep after the lights turned off. As far as being at the bottom, he's probably just getting used to everything. His whole world changed. Just give him some time and try not handling him for a few days. It's normal for them to be scared and acting weird the first week or longer. Good luck :)
hey once your chameleon gets used to everything and starts climbing around why don't you snap some pics. you know we all love pics here on the forums :D:D
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