Chameleon sleeping during the day


Hi there folks!
It seems it never ends with Ripley..
today I found her napping during the day. I got a new plant for her, it's rrrrreally bushy. So, it's quite dark there when she hides in it. And this plant is her new favourite hanging out place. She spends her morning at the top basking, then she goes and sits there until the lights are out. But today I noticed her looking really bright, so I got closer and realised she is sleeping! I poked her, she opened her eyes and huffed at me.
Everything seems fine though, she eats and poops fine. her eyes, mouth, legs seem usual.. so I'm a bit confused.. I don't think it's a good sign her sleeping at the day time, but she seems perfectly fine! Could it be due to the new place being so dark? Or does she need a vet visit?
There's 2 pics.. one with and one without a flash. As you can see, it's quite a thick ficus.. and it's firly dark there


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It could be that the area is so shady and dark. My jackson falls asleep when its cloudy outside and he is in his free range because the room gets darker. You might try putting a lamp near the cage or some how lighting that area and then watching to see if she still sleeps. I try to turn lamps on in the room when its real cloudy to keep it bright.


it's also quite dark and gloomy today.. I put the lights on, will see if she conks out again

can try to trim the plant maybe
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