Chameleon sleeping during day. Help?


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - 10 month old Female Veiled, had her since early February
Handling - I handled it for the first time yesterday for about 5-10 minutes.
Feeding - Crickets mostly. Every other day 6-10 crickets.Haven't feed her in a while. Normal Calcium every feeding, Herptivite and Calcium with d3 once a month. Gut-Loading with lettuce,almonds,oats,apples. Feed them Flukers Crickts diet and quencher.
Supplements - Rep-Cal Herptivite and Flukers Calcium with d3 once a month. Normal Zoo-Med calcium every feeding.
Watering - Hand misting and Repti-Fogger. Hand mist 3-5 times a day for 2-3 minutes. Reptifogger on for 30 minutes ever 4 hours. I've never seen her drink?
Fecal- I usually don't check her poop, but when I do it's usually white and a bit yellow. No, she hasn't had a bet visit since I had her.
History - She isn't extending her tongue like before. She gets really close to her prey then shoots it, and then misses. She started doing this like a month ago.

Cage Info:
Cage- Repti breeze 18x18x36
Lighting - Zilla T8 Fluorescent tube fixture, Flukers dimmable clamp lamp with a 75w bulb. UVB light came with the fixture, going to buy a new blue soon. Lights on at 7am and off at 7pm.
Temperature - Room temperature at the bottom of the cage, about 80 at basking spot. Ambient temperature is 70 degrees.
Humidity - 40% - 85%. Using Repti-Fogger and Hand misting. Using a Zoo-Med Thermometer/Hygrometer.
Plants - Ficus tree.
Placement - in my room next to a window. Low-traffic, about 5' 10" from the ground.
Location - Houston, Texas?

Current Problem - Sleeping during the middle of the day. Her left eye is closed and right is open when she is awake. She isn't extending her tongue all as far as before and walks up to prey and takes a while for her to shoot at close range, and she misses most of the time.

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