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So poor husbandry that causes the issues with shedding?

Ya thats kind of a big deal, so too low of humidity causes issues shedding. When too low of Humidity causes issues shedding, the only way to correct the situation is the raise the humidity. So if someone has 20% humidity, and runs into shedding issues, and wacthes your video, they will now NOT raise the humidity, which was the cause in the first place.

You are correct, in that raising the humidity above the 50-60% it should have already been, wont really help. However you never pointed that out nor the fact that is a reason for issues with shedding. Raising the humidity past 60% will not help with shedding, raising it to 50/60% and keeping it there, will both help with the issue if you have one and prevent it in the future.

This new logic of do not raise humidity that has been traveling around, doesn't take into account why the old tale of do so was in place. Lots of folks with screen cages, and especially now in the fogger age, with pure screen cages, might not have 50% humidity at all times. All these ideas work great, when used in tandem with Bills entire care instructions and they are followed to a T, the second you isolate them, to any other derivative of care they can have consequences.

This is the issue with Youtube, and canned info. I know your trying to help, and that lots of folks watch YT, however these are things you have to watch out for. I also know your Care Guide is spot on with Humidity, and you do tell them to keep humidity at 50-70%. However you have to make every video assuming they wont watch the others.

People these days in the YT / Facebook world, are Fickle. They come for what they came for, they will watch that one video and thats it, and move on back to their life. They dont want to read, they dont want to learn, they dont want to research they want an answer and to move on.
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Thanks for the feedback @cyberlocc :) You make some great points. It's tricky when chameleon husbandry is so tied together and dependent on one another to have a video that is succinct and cover's that video's topic, while still stressing the importance of all the influencing factors. I went ahead and added the desired humidity levels to the description box as well as linked to my "How to water your chameleon" video that goes over correct humidity and various techniques in the description box and added a card to the video. Also added a card to my chameleon care video. Hopefully this will help anyone who is genuinely looking to learn, get a better understanding of the big picture.
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