Chameleon Shedding


Hey guys, as some of you know I'm new to owning a chameleon and my (around) 8 month old chameleon has started shedding, she shed her tail around a week ago with no signs of her body or face starting. This morning, her bodies arms, legs, face has all started. I know not to pull any shed off but I was wondering if there was any way I could make her a bit more comfortable? I saw somebody saying misting her would help it come off a bit better but it seems to be going well. She's hissing at me and being a grump but she also has been off her food, which I know is normal, any ideas on the misting? Did it work for you and your chameleon? Should I just leave her be? Everything I've read up on has gave me different answers and said the other is wrong. If I get to just leave her be that's great but if anybody has any tips I'm open to hearing them!
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