Chameleon safe plant lights???


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Hey guys! I really dont know much about lighting and i was wondering if there is chameleon safe plant lights? I have my basking bulb more in a corner of the cage so my hibiscus is only growing in that direction causing it o be bear on the other side. I think my cham is starting to feel exposed, i thought having a plant light on the bear side of the plant should help the plant grow more evenly. so back to the main question, are plant lights safe? and which one should i get?


Yeah, I have a full spectrum aquarium light that bought from petco. Full-spectrum bulbs are the best option for live plants and do not harm chams at all.

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Any LED plant lights should be safe. They will not replace your UVB though. You'll still need that and basking light for warmth.


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thank you guys so much for the response, sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. I hope yall had fun over the holiday's. I actually got a plant life as a gift 😊 so hopefully my plants will start growing better soon!!!
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