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Got to keep in mind that chams are pretty much at the bottom of the food chain, and they know it. No Cham enjoys being petted like a dog. Surly someone will say “no my cham loves it when I pet him, he closes his eyes and everything!” These people are wrong.

Chams are not social animals, nature made them this way. Wild chams only come into contact with other animals in three different ways.

-fighting(super stress)
-mating(can be stressful)
-being eaten by a predator

Your Cham is viewing you as a predator but the way your petting him is sending extra panic signals to his brain.

Birds are one of the bigger predators wild chams face. What direction do birds almost always attack from? Above.

By putting your hand above him your triggering instant panic because he thinks he’s about to be eaten.
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Wow! Less than half hour ago I was listening to cham Breeder podcast about stress and handling and couldn’t believe they would actually totally shut down and close their eyes. Then here this is. @Barson check out the podcasts...they’re super informative.
Almost makes you think that this kind of timing in life can’t be just a coincidence...
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